The company was born in 2011 by the will and the truly passion of the brothers Domenico and Giovanni. Nowadays the situation is changed, indeed there are Domenico and his son Pasquale who run the winery. It’s a very young company, but it’s also deeply rooted. Our history began in the ‘70s with a little family’s vineyard. Today that vineyard, which was about an acre, has been substituted by new and young vine plants and set alongside by other vineyards year by year, until reaching about 2,5 hectares. Thanks to our little dimensions, we closely monitor every single phase of the production chain, since pruning until the bottling of our wines. To do so, we have chosen the most difficult way, the one of sacrifice, determination and steady dedication, day after day. However, despite we are trying to enlarging and to updating the working process, we want to keep the family dimension of little winery, to continue working following the wine-making family tradition, pursuing a virtuous wine philosophy, as well as a short and essential supply chain, which leads from the vineyard straight to the winery, but looking forward to future, in order to create modern high-quality products.

“Future-oriented, but watching constantly into the tradition”

Our passion for wine is sincere and genuine, passing on generations by generations. Wine, for us, is not simply the result of the fermentation of the grapes. Wine is something more. Wine is synonymous of conviviality, of spending some good time together. It’s synonymous of pleasure and enjoyment of life from all points of view.

Now there are 3 generations at work. Our winery is based on an ancient and honest knowledge, on solid and well-rooted principles, in order to create high quality modern products, but keeping always our past and our family tradition as the point of reference, the past of our grandparents, the past of the “good wine”.


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